Recent changes to this wiki:

add Samsung 830 to pcb
Update SSD on mc.lan
Added a comment: wassap
Remove nvidia from mc.lan
Add note about fuse kmod
we also need sysutils/fusefs-libs
add security/ca_root_nss for easy_install fetch
Updated python version, install msgpack as pkg instead of easy_install
add BitMessage
add email
add mc PSU item code
Add chassis
pcb: Replace Intel Boxed Cooler with Arctiv Cooling Freezer 13
add "Frankenboard" to the Realforce 87U
clarify mc.lan CPU being a Ivy Bridge class
remove bitmessage
add bitmessage
add Realforce
creating tag page tag/freebsd
creating tag page tag/python
add Keycool 84
Delete contact
This reverts commit aa7a536674d93d89377dbf106ec2b78123b688cb