Christmas 1996: First computer (200 MHz, 32 MB RAM, Windows 95)

1999: First Linux: SuSE 6.2

2001: Root Server at 1&1

Summer 2002: First gentoo experience

Winter 2003: Linux Desktop (Debian) for about three months

14.05.2005: OS X replaces Windows as desktop operating system (iMac G5)

01.08.2005: Root server moved to netdirekt, Debian

11.11.2007: MacBook for university (MacBook (white) 13.3-inch, 2.2GHz)

17.01.2007: Rootserver moved to, gentoo

30.01.2007: Rootserver at netdirekt cancelled

2008: First OpenBSD experience

2009: FreeBSD replaces Debian as home server OS (void.lan)

Feb 2011: FreeBSD replaces gentoo as server OS (

04.11.2012: FreeBSD replaces OS X as desktop OS

01.06.2013: Root server moved to Online (

18.05.2016: HardenedBSD replaces FreeBSD on all server machines

04.09.2016: HardenedBSD replaces FreeBSD as desktop OS

09.11.2016: Linux replaces HardenedBSD as desktop OS